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Cardiology- Dyslipidemia

June 6, 2021

Today we’ll be covering Dyslipidemia, going along with this month’s theme, Cardiology. If you haven’t listened to our podcast before, each week we have a case-based discussion about a medical topic to help you study for the pediatric medicine board exam. Episodes are released every weekend, and the case is then reviewed and reinforced on social media throughout the week.


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Today’s Case:


An 11 year old presents to your office for a routine well child check.  In discussing their diet, you find that they are eating foods high in saturated fat and low in fiber.  Their BMI is 31, and they have not yet reached puberty.  They have a family history of a myocardial infarction in their maternal grandfather at the age of 48.  You perform a routine lipid screening profile, and their LDL level is 170mg/dL.  You recommend dietary modifications, and six months later you repeat an LDL level, which is now 165mg/dL. What is the most appropriate next step?


  1. Do nothing; their LDL will continue to naturally decrease through puberty
  2. Repeat a level in 6 months as their LDL level is below the treatment threshold
  3. Continue dietary modifications only, as there are no FDA approved medications for adolescents with dyslipidemia 
  4. Start an HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor
  5. Start a cholesterol absorption blocker


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